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Dead Men's Hollow



The Band:


Dead Men's Hollow began as an impromptu backyard pick n' sing in the summer of 2001. Several hundred shows later, the group is now a well-established regional band. Dead Men's Hollow performs nearly 40 shows a year at a wide range of venues, from churches, bars, and festivals to fine arts halls such as Strathmore and the Kennedy Center.

The band draws its influences from bluegrass, country, blues, and gospel. The result is a unique sound, fronted by tight three-part female harmony vocals backed by fiddle, upright bass, and guitar. The group's repertoire comprises a vast array of original and traditional music, encompassing the early centuries of America's musical history as well as modern tales of love and loss.

Dead Men's Hollow has recorded three commercially released CDs and has tracks on numerous compilation CDs, appeared on national television, received ten Washington Area Music Association "Wammie" Award nominations, won three Wammie Awards—including Best Bluegrass Group and Bluegrass Album of the Year—and continues to be played on radio programs around the world.

For a list of upcoming performances, visit http://www.deadmenshollow.com/calendar_2008.html


Music Selections:

From the CD "Death Must Be a Woman."


Ballad of Dead Men's Hollow 

Until the End of Time 

Bonaparte's Retreat - traditional, arr. by Dead Men's Hollow

Difficult Run - tune by Marcy Cochran

Soldier's Return-Martha's Reel - song and lyrics by Mike Clayberg, reel arr. by Marcy Cochran