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Did You Know?

Interesting Facts on Abraham Lincoln
  • Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809.
  • Lincoln had a dog named Fido.
  • Lincoln was 6’4”, the tallest president.
  • Lincoln was born in Kentucky.
  • Lincoln was the first President born outside of the thirteen colonies.
  • Lincoln worked as a rail splitter, store clerk, and lawyer.
  • Lincoln kept letters, bills, and notes in his stovepipe hat.
  • Lincoln was a member of a group in the Illinois Legislature called the Long Nine—a moniker that related to their height.
  • Lincoln was born in a one room cabin.
  • Lincoln helped found the Republican party.
  • Lincoln had four sons.
  • Lincoln’s son Robert Todd Lincoln was present for the dedication of the Lincoln memorial.
  • Lincoln had two siblings Sarah and Thomas.
  • Lincoln’s grandfather was named Abraham Lincoln.
  • A girl by the name of Grace Bedell suggested to Lincoln he grow his beard.
  • Lincoln was married to Mary Todd Lincoln.
  • Lincoln is only president ever to receive a patent for a device that lifts boats above shoals.
  • Lincoln piloted flatboats.
  • Lincoln’s favorite sport was wrestling.
  • Lincoln’s favorite poem was Mortality by William Knox.
  • Lincoln’s favorite dessert was White Almond Cake.
  • Lincoln, Nebraska was named after Abraham Lincoln.
  • Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, died of milk poisoning.
  • Lincoln was attending the play Our American Cousin when he was assassinated.
  • Lincoln was a captain in the Black Hawk War.
  • Lincoln loved the works of Edgar Allan Poe.