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To Abraham Lincoln



To Abraham Lincoln

John J. Loud


Thou kindly, loving, whole-souled man,

Yet just, as well as tender;

Of wrong, the foe implacable,

Of the oppressed, defender;

So simply great, so grandly good,

So patient and laborious,

Loved brother of thy brother-man,

Thus wast thou, Lincoln, glorious!


Like Moses in old Israel’s need,

With wisdom Heaven-directed,

Thou led’st thy people in the paths

By Providence selected.

On thy strong arm the Nation leaned

As on her son a mother

Leans, with full trust in his heart’s love,

When she dare trust no other.


Best type of yeoman citizen,

Of plain men noblest sample,

A blessing to mankind is he,

Who, following thine example,

Is ever true as thou wast true,

Is honest, brave and tender;

Is the sworn foe of every wrong,

Of all oppressed, defender.