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Abraham Lincoln



Abraham Lincoln

Berton Bellis, 1919


Down thru endless ages,

Came a soul from others apart—

Incased in a body of awkward appearance;

But in a true heavenly made heart.

He was born in a hewed log cabin,

Grew up simple and plain;

This life—on earth a sacrifice,

To remove from liberty a stain.


No pen can give him due credit—

No words the good of his mind;

But his love is forever burning,

In the hearts of all human kind.

The world now bows to his honor,

And hail this emancipator’ name;

Columbia is proud of his memory,

He lives in everlasting fame.


His life of bitter sorrow,

Hard work and saddened tears,

Has made happy millions of humans,

And will for the future years.

O, Father, hear us in heaven!

May his reward increase ten-fold!

To repay for the great good he did us,

While his clay on earth lies cold.


His life is a lesson for the living,

Shows democracy is strength and sand,

That a good mind no matter how humble,

Can spread peace and love o’er the land.

“In God we trust”—our nation all—

Our reward was grand and kind,

For we’ll always live and never fall!

By following this wonderful mind.