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Eddie: Lincoln ’s Forgotten Son



Eddie: Lincoln ’s Forgotten Son
by Tom Emery (28 pp., 5 ½ X 8 ½, notes, bibl.)
ISBN 0-9661637-7-X
List: $4.99

A fresh look at the personal life of Abraham Lincoln is offered in this new study that examines the sixteenth President’s often-overlooked second son.  This study provides a unique and intimate look at the family life of the Lincolns by using letters of both Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln, hard-to-find references, and rare poetry to create a work that breaks new ground in the life of America ’s most recognizable President. 
*** Listed on the Lincoln Research Site of Roger Norton***
What Others Are Saying About Eddie:  Lincoln’s Forgotten Son:
“Tom Emery presents a unique, intimate, documented examination on the impact of (Eddie Lincoln’s) early death on the family life of the Lincolns…This is a very welcome addition to Lincoln studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.”  --The Midwest Book Review

“What a great experience reading about a child that provided such an impact on the Lincoln family.  Emery’s study provided me an opportunity to better understand the relationship that Abraham and Mary Lincoln had with each other and a more understanding insight on Mary Todd Lincoln in particular.”  --Harold Boatman, The Book Shelf, Carlinville, Illinois

“A fascinating view of the private lives of the Lincolns that is academic, but certainly not dry.   This is an excellent addition to the shelf, vertical file, or archives of any library.”  --Carol Schaefer, Head Librarian, Blackburn College

“Tom Emery has done history another favor by pulling together lots of information on the second son of Abraham Lincoln.  The skeptics who say there is nothing more that can be written about Lincoln have been proven wrong again.”   --John Alexander, College Instructor/Bookstore Owner

“A delightful book that presents a rare glimpse into Lincoln’s personal life…a valuable addition to Lincoln lore.”
--Champaign (Ill.) News-Gazette

“Once again, Tom Emery has brought to light a historical gem…while Lincoln and his family have been the subject of numerous books and manuscripts, Emery has examined and analyzed a subject that had previously received little attention and presented it in a fresh and unique perspective.”  --Rick Davis, News Director, WSMI Radio