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The Last Lincoln Conspirator: John Surratt's Flight from the Gallows by Andreas C.A. Jampoler



The Last Lincoln Conspirator:  John Surratt's Flight from the Gallows by Andreas C.A. Jampoler











October 1, 2008
Naval Institute Press

Despite all that has been written about the April 1865 assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, the story of John Surratt remains untold and largely unknown. Surratt alone managed to evade capture for twenty months and escape punishment once he was put on trial. In this tale of adventure and mystery, Andrew Jampoler tells what happened to that last conspirator, who after Booth's death became the most wanted man in America.

As the first full-length treatment of Surratt's escape, capture, and trial, the book provides fascinating details about his flight from New York, through eastern Canada to a hideout in Liverpool, England, and on to France and the Papal States. His twenty-month flight, including nearly one year of enlisted service in the Papal Zouaves (the pope's army), is a remarkable adventure through mid-century Europe and locations unknown to most Americans of the time.  Jampoler brings Surratt to life as he traces the wily young man's remarkable journey and the bitter legal proceedings against him that bizarrely led to his freedom. The book's cast of characters includes a menagerie of the nineteenth century's most colorful personalities.


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