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Shenandoah 1862: Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign



Shenandoah 1862: Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign (Civil War America) by Peter Cozzens

Hardcover: 640 pages
Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press
ISBN-10: 0807832006

Thomas J. Jackson and William T. Sherman - no two Civil War generals carry quite the same sort of reputation for brilliance and madness.  Stonewall Jackson - the stoic, the disciplinarian, the martyred genius, the oddball.  "Uncle Billy" Sherman - crazy, brilliant, brutal, the farsighted and cold-eyed father of total war.  By the time the Civil War passed into memory, these men's reputations were cemented, and, for right or for wrong, permanently associated with their most memorable campaigns.  This month Virtual Book Signing focused on these two legends by featuring new path breaking books on Jackson's Valley Campaign and Sherman's March to the Sea. 
Peter Cozzens has written what is, astonishingly, the first military history of the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862 that meets modern scholarly criteria of balance, and of deep primary source research.  With Shenandoah 1862 Cozzens approaches the campaign as he would any other military operation, and not simply as a grand illustration of Jackson's biography.  He reaches conclusions that show Jackson's tactical weaknesses, as well as his well-documented strategic talent.  Cozzens also finds that considering the odds against him, and considering significant meddling from Washington, Nathaniel Banks did a very good job in extricating his army from potential disaster at Strasburg and Winchester.  In this Cozzens agrees with Gary Ecelbarger in his recent excellent study of the Front Royal and Winchester battles, Three Days in the Shenandoah.
Both of these books are available in first edition, and signed by the authors at our Past Virtual Book Signing Titles page.  Also consider excellent recent titles like Robert Krick's Conquering the Valley, and Ecelbarger's biography of Union General Frederick Lander.  We also have some of the greatest works in Jackson literature from previous generations, such as Lenoir Chambers' monumental two-volume biography (1959), and Robert Tanner's Stonewall in the Valley.  We also have a nice collectible piece from England, J. H. Anderson's Notes on the Life of Stonewall Jackson, which illustrates the influence Jackson's campaign has had on later generations of military study.

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