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Civic Education


Now as ever, America is a nation of immigrants.  Working with organizations and individuals dedicated to helping new immigrants become U.S. citizens, the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission (ALBC) will use the occasion of the Lincoln Bicentennial, and Lincoln’s central role in our nation’s history, as a spark for education programs geared toward civic education and citizenship classes. 

Print and online educational materials will be developed in multiple languages that focus on:

  • Lincoln’s biography:  humble beginnings to the White House
  • Lincoln’s political and economic philosophy:  belief in every man’s the “right to rise,” veneration of the Declaration of Independence
  • Lincoln’s appeal to refugees from oppressive political regimes 
  • Significant Lincoln writings with commentary:  The Gettysburg Address, Lincoln’s First Inaugural, Lincoln’s Second Inaugural   
  • Reflections on Lincoln’s global impact

While the main audience for these materials will be individuals preparing for the citizenship exam, high school civics and social studies teachers have also expressed an interest in using them in their curriculum. 

This preparation and study will culminate on Lincoln’s 200th birthday, February 12, 2009, with ceremonies across the country welcoming new citizens to our nation.