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Queens Village Lincoln Bicentennial Essay Contest


On Sunday, February 8th, the Queens Village Republican Club held a Lincoln Bicentennial Dinner and Essay Contest.  Student essayists from all grade levels throughout the region participated in the contest, and there was one winner and two honorable mentions from each of the Middle School and Elementary School levels.  The students, their families and teachers were delighted to be honored by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who attended the dinner especially for the Lincoln Essay competition.

We here at the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission are proud to have endorsed this fantastic event, and would like to recognize the impressive scholarly work of our nation’s youngest generation.  The winners of the contest, as well as excerpts, are listed below.


Queens Village Republican Club

Essay Contest Winners

 1.  Shanique Gray ~ Honorable Mention, Middle School

            Grade 8, the Bronx

2.  Jarenth DeLeon ~ Honorable Mention, Middle School

            Grade 8, Glen Oaks

3.  Daniel Chinta ~ Winner, Middle School

            Grade 7, Oakland Gardens

4.  Aniyah Smith ~ Winner, Elementary School

            Grade 5, Queens Village

5.  Britney Cheng, Honorable Mention, Elementary School

            Grade 4, Bayside

6.  Alia Codelia, Honorable Mention, Elementary School

            Grade 3, Bayside


Excerpt from Abe Lincoln: An American Hero, by Daniel Chinta

During his two presidential terms in the White House, he was a very honest president.  I believe his very nickname is ‘Honest Abe.’  Lincoln’s political career has been known for his honesty and his sense of accomplishment, for he did many great things in his short life.  I think many people expected him to be a great president for many other reasons but never did they think that this man would come to stand for honesty, because politicians are known to say something and then do something else.  Lincoln’s honesty really meant a lot to me because it showed me that Lincoln gives a good example to all those who came after him to fill the greatest office and be an example and a benchmark to be compared against, a great trait of a great president, thus showing us all what a great individual he was with superior qualities that can be cherished by us all.

Excerpt from Abraham Lincoln, by Aniyah Smith

In conclusion, the inspiration that I have gained from reading about Mr. Lincoln has encouraged me to stick with my hopes and dreams of becoming a great author.  I know for me to accomplish this goal I must be a believer and determined just like Abraham Lincoln was.  If Mr. Lincoln could rise from a log cabin to the White House, then I could rise from Queens, New York to become a Newberry Honor author.  I enjoyed reading about Mr. Lincoln and appreciate his accomplishments.

More information, photos and video from the essay contest can be found here.