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Lincoln and Book Fairs and the Digital Revolution

Nearly every adult over 50 who went to public schools when history and civics were still widely taught knows stories about Lincoln’s love of learning. Imagine how he would have reveled in the book world today. The ALBC plans to have a major Lincoln presence at most of the great Book Fairs.  


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I would love to see this happen, although am not sure it would materialize. As the author of a children's historic fiction book on Lincoln, I find that although teachers are very interested in the book and students enjoy reading it, parents seem to be indifferent to teaching their kids history.

Posted by: bmather (rhodywhy@yahoo.com) on 10/22/2008

nice Post

Posted by: bmather (emiky2008@gmail.com) on 12/29/2008

I have to say I have not really embraced ebooks and love holding a real print edition in hand, though my brother just bought an amazon kindle and swears by it :)

Posted by: bmather (dave@slopsbox.com) on 03/04/2009


Lincoln Hip-Hop Battle

How do we get thousands of inner-city kids to study the words of Abraham Lincoln?


The Lincoln Hip-Hop Battle is a web-based competition intended to encourage urban youth to learn about Abraham Lincoln.  The premise is simple: a contest offers prize money to the best recorded hip-hop tracks that incorporate the words, history and meaning of Abraham Lincoln. 


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I think if the teacher is cool, then it's easier for the youth to learn rather than have a grump old teacher, if you know what I mean. :)

Posted by: bmather (nadinecryle@aol.com) on 05/26/2008

I think this is a great way to grab any kids attention! If you can find to grab a child's interest with modern pop culture, they will listen and get involved with anticipation, IMO.

Posted by: bmather (ken@rapidpaydayloans.net) on 06/02/2008

"4 score and 7 tracks" is excellent! I work with an event promoter who specializes in hip-hop shows in Chicago. I think there definitely could be some synergy with this project. Email me if you want.

Posted by: bmather (wordtrey@hotmail.com) on 06/04/2008

I think that this is a great and modern idea to bring kids to a very important historical celebration. This is very good to know!

Posted by: bmather (moneypartners@gmail.com) on 06/30/2008

That is awesome. I really wish they'd do more like that in Denver. My step daughter is loosing interest in school big time, it's refreshing to see the "system" thinking outside of the box!

Posted by: bmather (tyhurd@gmail.com) on 07/11/2008

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Posted by: bmather (kixs14@gmail.com) on 09/05/2008

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