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A-MAZE-ing Lincoln!

The creativity so many have found to celebrate Lincoln’s 200th birthday continues to impress and astonish   Recently, we received an email from Dale Goodno with an amazing photo (see attached) of a corn maze on the Baggenstos Family Farm in

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Whoa! That's AMAZING! How you'd even begin to design and create something like that boggles my mind!

Posted by: bmather (ultimatesongwritinglessons@hotmail.co.uk) on 09/24/2009

Lincoln was Amazing The maze is Amazing You all are Amazing

Posted by: bmather (bjhevron@sbcglobal.net) on 09/25/2009

happy birthday Lincoln

Posted by: bmather (satbulan@yahoo.com) on 09/26/2009

Amazing! Lincoln is great!

Posted by: bmather (leoabetas@gmail.com) on 10/22/2009

Yeh, truly amazing!

Posted by: bmather (garryambient@googlemail.com) on 10/22/2009

It's so nice!

Posted by: bmather (lxr812@yahoo.com) on 10/24/2009

What a fantastic way to celebrate Lincoln's 200th birthday and help educate the children of the community in the process.

Posted by: bmather (ambermurano@googlemail.com) on 10/25/2009

This is awesome! Lincoln is my favorite president. Good thing no one thought aliens made this :)

Posted by: bmather (madmencatalogue@gmail.com) on 10/28/2009

They look amazing!

Posted by: bmather (adamgchristopher@yahoo.co.uk) on 10/28/2009

This is just amazing. Simple as that.

Posted by: bmather (swordfish2011@yahoo.com) on 11/06/2009


Winner of Carnegie Corporation’s academic leadership award Willliam ‘Brit’ Kirwan to speak at Morrill Act Conference at University of Illinois at Urbana.

As the president of Ohio State University, William ‘Brit’ Kirwan lifted his institution to the front ranks in scholarship and community service, as it held its own in sports. A leading mathematician, he set systems in place that eased the

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That's an amazing honor, conrgrats to William Kirwan! I know this might be a "stupid" question, but Carnegie Corporation is based off of Andrew Carnegie of the steel corporation right?

Posted by: bmather (tylerparkman@ymail.com) on 11/06/2009

You're right Tyler! And there are never stupid questions. Thanks for your enthusiastic support!

Posted by: bmather (lincoln200@loc.gov) on 11/23/2009


Lincoln, A Self-help Guide

I first met General Donald Scott at the Library of Congress, a beloved and sprawling institution where one needs more than a map to navigate.  As Deputy Librarian of Congress, he helped a novice director maneuver seeming arcane financial reports for

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I think we could all look to Lincoln and his stick to it attitude for a little inspiration!

Posted by: bmather (jmacek07@gmail.com) on 11/05/2009



It is amazing how many wonderful and dedicated people I have met in these three years at the ALBC Let me tell you about Susan Dyer. I met Susan Dyer on my first trip to Kentucky to plan what was

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Susan sounds like a very tallented lady.

Posted by: bmather (aoleon@aoleonthemartiangirl.com) on 09/07/2009

I wish I could see another woman like Susan Dyer. :D

Posted by: bmather (delnero_93@yahoo.com) on 09/11/2009

Susan Dyer is a fantastic woman! I can't wait to go back to Kentucky and see Lincoln's home again. Thanks for sharing

Posted by: bmather (ayshasblass@yahoo.com) on 09/17/2009

Sounds like Susan was quite the lady to meet, thanks :)

Posted by: bmather (zasssc@gmail.com) on 10/03/2009

She is writing a book about Judge Holt? My daughter and I were just learning about Judge Holt and what exactly he did in the Lincoln conspirators -- this will be a must read!

Posted by: bmather (admin@besthomealarms.com) on 10/05/2009

That's a great story. I always appreciate when people have a great sense of humor, it seems to help them move along with their career and also for people to enjoy their company. Holt seems like an interesting guy, someone whom a book may shed a bit of light when history(at least what I've learned) has largely forgotten!

Posted by: bmather (mark@uncorkedventures.com) on 11/20/2009


Has “Town Hall Meeting” Lost Its Meaning?

  “Town Halls Meetings” are much in the news as a proposed national health care policy has become a subject of intense public discussion.  Town Hall Meetings on TV news leads with raucous shouting matches and physical scuffles.   If these

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Despite the semantics and whatnot, I think we should still keep the name. It flows better.

Posted by: bmather (tylerparkman@ymail.com) on 09/13/2009

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