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Mr. Lincoln's Boys

Mr. Lincoln's Boys, written by Staton Rabin with illustrations by Bagram Ibatouline, is a captivating and beautiful book about Lincoln's close relationship with his two younger sons, Tad and Willie.

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"Mr. Lincoln's Boys". Thank for the information about this book. Now I'll must read it out

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Man, Jack lucked out on that one... lol

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Good book suggestion, will be checking it out.

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Very-very good book. Thanks.

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Really well written by Staton Rabin with the illustrations by Bagram Ibatouline on Mr. Lincoln's Boys, , its a captivating and awesome book about Lincoln's closer relationship with his two younger sons, Tad and Willie. Mr. Lincoln's sympathy and responsiveness are well documented in the book. Really good!! Samantha Parker Forum Member http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/

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Lincoln Hip-Hop Battle

How do we get thousands of inner-city kids to study the words of Abraham Lincoln?


The Lincoln Hip-Hop Battle is a web-based competition intended to encourage urban youth to learn about Abraham Lincoln.  The premise is simple: a contest offers prize money to the best recorded hip-hop tracks that incorporate the words, history and meaning of Abraham Lincoln. 


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I think if the teacher is cool, then it's easier for the youth to learn rather than have a grump old teacher, if you know what I mean. :)

Posted by: bmather (nadinecryle@aol.com) on 05/26/2008

I think this is a great way to grab any kids attention! If you can find to grab a child's interest with modern pop culture, they will listen and get involved with anticipation, IMO.

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"4 score and 7 tracks" is excellent! I work with an event promoter who specializes in hip-hop shows in Chicago. I think there definitely could be some synergy with this project. Email me if you want.

Posted by: bmather (wordtrey@hotmail.com) on 06/04/2008

I think that this is a great and modern idea to bring kids to a very important historical celebration. This is very good to know!

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That is awesome. I really wish they'd do more like that in Denver. My step daughter is loosing interest in school big time, it's refreshing to see the "system" thinking outside of the box!

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Lincoln Leadership Prize more valued than Nobel Peace Prize

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, represented by Oprah Winfrey, awarded the Lincoln Leadership Prize to Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Tuesday, May 13 in Chicago.

Soft-spoken yet powerful and energized with (should we say self-deprecating but biting) humor, the former Archbishop of Cape Town told Museum supporters this occasion meant more to him than his Nobel Prize.

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Why an executive director’s blog?

Lincoln lovers everywhere send me e mails, phone calls, and handwritten letters.  Many of these communicants have provocative engaging ideas about how Lincoln’s 200th birthday should be celebrated.  These often original and always heartfelt ideas should not vanish into the air.

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We need to recognize the incredibly resourceful staff of Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, led by supt Randy Wester, who decided late Sunday morning to move the celebration to the amphitheater at Lincoln State Park. The high winds and rain, and 50 degree temp required that. And the staff of the state park, in cooperation with LIBO, came through in the clutch. The weather did not dampen the quality of the event. The estimated attendance was between 500 and 600, for the record.

Posted by: bmather (bigham10@insightbb.com) on 05/14/2008

I would like to share two ideas that I have had for many years. Stained Glass Window Funded by School children As a way to commemorate Lincoln’s birth and his enduring legacy, a Lincoln stained glass window could be commissioned to an artist and then placed in Smithsonian’s National American History Museum in Washington, so that every child would have an opportunity to view it. A way to “fundraise” for a project like this would be similar to the way that the Statue of Liberty was erected and paid for by the millions of people and school children using their spare change in the 1890’s. I know that fundraising for the Abraham Lincoln Library & Museum in Springfield was partly due to a program funded by local school age children giving their pennies to the “Pennies for Lincoln” fund. All the funds then collected were sent to participating banks and deposited into the special fund. Now think of all those school children who learned about Lincoln able to come to the Library & Museum and see how they helped in the building. I would propose that a national wide effort be coordinated by the Commission between the new Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings and Education Department to schools so that every child, even the poorest one, could participate by adding their pennies. The collection could be coordinated to coincide with Lincoln’s Birthday for a specific year preferably before Feb. 12, 2009. It could be added under the Education section of the planned school outreach and curriculum for 2008-9 school years. If the commissioned wanted to further expand the fundraising to the various Lincoln groups, a replica of the window could be available for a reasonable price to group/associations members. Those funds would go to aide an ongoing effort like the restoration of the President Lincoln and Soldiers Home. I envision a window 5’ x 10’. I am enclosing some color pictures from France’s Saint Chappelle. The windows were made with a special technique called grisaille that delineated features. The windows are some of the most beautiful in the world. Three different themes for the window: 1. Lincoln’s Love of Children & Education.  The main focal point will be taken from the photograph of Lincoln with son Tad taken February 9, 1864 to show his love of all children, (not just his own sons).  Lincoln lying down stretched out with his head next to the fireplace reading at night Because of Lincoln’s example, to enjoy reading.  Life long learner – Books – law books, military books, Shakespeare, The Bible I can envision incorporating into other portions of the window children can identify with President Lincoln.  Grace Bedell- and her famous letter to ask him to grow a beard  Lincoln’s love of kids - Lincoln walking kids grabbing his coat tails and making his top hat fall off!  Lincoln carrying one of his sons on his shoulders  Free Black children encircling Lincoln and Tad when he came to Richmond  Tad in uniform  Fondness for Tad and Willie’s goats Nanny &Nanko  Judge David Davis’s son George got rides in Lincoln’s buggy when he and Davis were on the Circuit 2. Advocate for Democracy - How he was able to further its causes by holding our nation together and the leadership model that will inspire counties to move toward Democracy (i.e. Poland.) 3. Collage –  Profile of Lincoln’s Face in the Center with symbols surrounding in a rectangle or oval design:  Log Cabin next to outline of KY, IN, IL as the ”Land of Lincoln”  U.S. flag 1861-65 to show the 34 states  Outline of U.S. map with clear divisions - Union in Navy glass, Neutral states in tan or other color, and C.S.A in Grey, with line showing the divide  White House  Handshake between Union and Confederacy to represent his plan for reconstruction and Unity after war years.  The Lincoln Memorial. Building The Lincoln Memorial was expression of the generation who followed his assassination of what he meant to their lives. The generations who have followed have experienced the Memorial. My hope is that the idea of the stained glass window would be the current generation’s expression of our feelings on this 200th year of this visionary and extraordinary man’s life! Action Comic Book One of the more challenging age groups to engage is 10-18 year olds. I propose the commission approach DC Comics to create a limited edition action comic book. The basis could be my novella Ride With the Assassin offering the young readers a way for making history come alive and make events surrounding Lincoln’s Assassination leap off the page! The comic would feature the teenager Mark Harris as the hero. This would be similar to Smallville, the comic book about young Clark Kent/Superman. There might be opportunities for cross-advertising between Warner Brothers and DC Comics. Some interesting stats about Smallville and DC Comics include:  The Warner Brothers TV series Smallville is the highest commercial AD seller for 30 second spots for $ 213,000 being paid for fast food chains like MacDonald’s!  Age group that reads Smallville is 15-25.  DC Comics writes and publishes 1,000 comic books a year. They are planning to include a patriotic themed comic book soon. If you are intrigued and would like to know more I will send you the novel. I can be contacted at the above address or (972) 395-3490 or my email address info@collectibleprofiles.com Sincerely, Megan Hardgrave

Posted by: bmather (info@collectibleprofiles.com) on 05/21/2008

I was born February 12, 1949 and am very proud of that date. Not many people can say something special about their birth date. For years as I was growing up, we celebrated this special date in and out of school. It has upset me all these years that schools, offices, banks, etc. do not celebrate this date or the birth date of George Washington but can celebrate Martin L. King, Jr. day. Now we celebrate presidents day. Wrong!!! These gentlemen were and still are the backbone of this country and it should go back to celebrating them. This would be my special way to saying "Happy 200th, Abe" by reinstating this day as a national holiday like it use to be years ago. THANK YOU for the opportunity for speaking my opinion and May God Bless America because we all Trust in God!!!!

Posted by: bmather (rokz2@verizon.net) on 01/14/2009

I am a decendent of the Abraham family. I was wondering if there were any plans to gather such decendents for a celebratiom at the Ed Hamilton statue unveiling in louisville ky. If not could I get some help or advice in trying to organize such an event? thank you

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I would like to tell you how the Nevada State Museum in Carson City honored the 200th Birthday of Abraham Lincoln this past weekend (April 24-25, 2009). The Museum was once a Branch Mint of the United States Government. It struck its first coin in 1870 on the original coin press we use today to mint commemorative medallions. (The mint closed in 1893.) The historic Coin Press No. 1 struck its first silver Lincoln Bicentennial medallion on Friday. The medallion was struck in both silver and copper. The medallion sets are endorsed by the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and can be viewed on this website under Bicentennial, Endorsed Programs, Commemoratives. I would also like to tell you how Nevada and Abraham Lincoln are connected. Nevada was declared a territory 2 days before Lincoln was inaugurated President. It was important for the new President to keep the Nevada territory part of the Union. This was due to the large gold and silver discovery of 1859. Known as the Comstock Lode, its wealth was needed to support the Federal Currency. Equally important was to keep it out of Confederate hands. Lincoln appointed James Nye Governor. It was Nye's job to put down any efforts of the Confederacy to sway Nevada to join the south. As the war winded down Lincoln needed Nevada for an entirely different reason. He was looking for new states to insure his re-election and support his plans to rebuild the south. Nevada's wealth was no longer an issue. Nevada became a state on October 31, 1864, only one week before the election. Ironically, Nevada was no longer needed for a Lincoln win. Of the representatives sent to Washington, only one arrived in time to ratify the 13th Amendment ending slavery. However, Nevada's first U.S. Senator, William M. Stewart was instrumental in the drafting of the 15th Amendment giving black males the right to vote. It is fascinating history. We want our medallion sets to become part of that history. Written by Karen Hopple Volunteer Coin Press No. 1

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