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Judge Tommy Turner Looks Back on the ALBC

In preparing to write the Commission’s final report to “Congress and the American People,” I intend to interview the commissioners to ascertain their views of their own work role on the commission and the effectiveness of the commission. Late last week, I

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Reflections on the DC Penny and the Newark Town Hall

I commend all short speech makers especially, when the assembled crowd must withstand the a numbing cold and pouring rain of a dispiriting Washington mid November day.  I did not beat Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg short speech record time. I certainly

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Lincoln does truly continue to talk to many. I love passing the billboards on my freeway commute and seeing his picture with the word, "Persistence". He failed again and again, but finally met with success, which is what all men and women can do if they try, try again.

Posted by: bmather (utopatian@hotmail.com) on 11/25/2009

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