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Wyoming State Liaison - Mark Junge




Mark Junge
Wyoming State Liaison
7719 Ridge Rd.
Cheyenne, WY  82009
(307) 634-7462


Mark Junge suspects that most historians have avocations or interests that inform their work in history. “Sports and performing arts photography have always informed my work as a historian and vice versa. Photography affects the way we think and feel about past or current events. The insistent and immediate nature of photography not only delights, but also teaches, even though its pedagogical lessons may not be totally understood at the moment of looking.”

As an author and editor he has tried to weave historical and contemporary photographs, as well as oral history, into historical narratives. He is the author of five books: Wyoming: A Guide to Historic Sites (1976), J.E. Stimson: Photographer of the West (1985), Wyoming: A Pictorial History (1989), The Wind is My Witness: A Wyoming Album (1997), and A View From Center Street (2003).

Born in 1943 in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Denver, Colorado, Junge has a B.A. in History and an M.A. in Social Studies from Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado. In 1971 he began his career as a historian in the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office and later became Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer. Before retiring from state government in 1995 he was named Wyoming State Historian and served as Editor of the Wyoming State Historical Society’s journal, Annals of Wyoming.

Junge and his wife, Ardath, a retired elementary school teacher, have called Wyoming home since 1967. They have two sons –– Andrew, a teacher at the Oakland School for the Arts; and Daniel, a Denver documentary filmmaker –– and two grandchildren.

One of Mark's avocations is bicycling. In 2004, accompanied by Ardath, who served as Chief of Logistics, he may have become the first oxygen-dependent person to bicycle across North America.