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Louisiana State Liaison - David Madden




David Madden
Louisiana State Liaison

118 Church St.
Black Mountain, NC  28711

The Governor of Louisiana appointed David Madden because of his expertise in Civil War history. Founder of The United States Civil War Center at LSU in 1993, Mr. Madden served as its director until 1999 when he resigned to continue his work as a novelist and to teach creative writing at LSU. In 1996, the Congress passed a resolution giving the Civil War Center its name and its mission: to study the war from every conceivable perspective and to plan and facilitate the Civil War Sesquicentennial in partnership with Gettysburg Civil War Institute.

Mr. Madden began teaching at LSU in 1968 as Writer in Residence. He has published 50 books: novels, historical works, and literary criticism. The wide range of his interests is reflected in the title of a recent book about him: DAVID MADDEN: A WRITER FOR ALL GENRES. He is Robert Penn Warren Professor at LSU. He created the Civil War Sesquicentennial Initiative in the Office of the Louisiana Secretary of State, Jay Dardenne, where the Louisiana Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission is also housed. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee for the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.


**Professor Madden's review of six upcoming books about Abraham Lincoln.

**Review of Eric Foner's Our Lincoln: New Perspectives on Lincoln and His World.

**The story of Lincoln and Louisiana as shared by the Baton Rouge Advocate - Lincoln: Friend of Louisiana.

**Lincoln and Thanksgiving




  • Poetry Series begins: Louisiana’s poets give dramatic readings of poems by and about Lincoln, including classic and original poems, in all the major cities and many small towns throughout the state throughout the rest and 2008 and all of 2009.
  • Madden publishes a rediscovery column in Civil War Book Review on Elizabeth Keckley’s Behind the Scenes, Or Thirty Years a Slave, And Four Years In the White House
  • Madden gives talk to a ladies group on “Lincoln’s Unique Louisiana Connection
  • LPB [Chan. 11, not 12] broadcast of “Lincoln’s Unique Louisiana Connection”Oct. 6, 9PM
  • 20th: Revolution Anniversary: WRKF Lincoln Symposium [90 minutes] Jim Engster Moderator
  • Kent Gramm, Lincoln Lives [play]
  • Presentation of “Lincoln’s Second Gettysburg Address,” written by David Madden, first delivered at Gettysburg.
  • Foreign Students, “What Is Your Impression of Lincoln?” International Students Center, LSU and Southern 
  • Barnes and Noble presents a talk on recent books about Abraham Lincoln
  • Celebration of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address [Nov. 19th] Madden attending as guest
  • Madden visits all major Lincoln museums, etc. in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee
  • Series begins: speeches to Rotary, Kiwanis, Roundtables, etc. by willing Commission members.


  • Essay Contests for elementary and secondary students, winners to be published in Baton Rouge Advocate.
  • Special Lincoln issue of Civil War Book Review [www.cwbr.com]. Includes Madden’s column, on Elizabeth Keckley, Mary Lincoln’s maid



  • [Madden returns to teaching]
  • Program on Emancipation Proclamation




  • Civil War History Month
  • Lincoln Shot
  • Lecture by Timothy Good, former Ford’s Theatre park ranger, on assassination.
  • Lincoln Dies
  • Lincoln’s Funeral Train and Burial
  • A dramatic reading by David Madden and others in several locations of “The Sinking of the Sultana and Lincoln’s Funeral Train,” a new readers theatre play.
  • Reenactment program on the theft of Lincoln’s body.
  • Readings of poetry, old and new, about Lincoln


  • T. Harry Williams’ birthday [May 19, 1909]
  • Honoring Williams and Lincoln, A Symposium, LSU


  • Interview about Lincoln with Shelby Foote, portrayed by Jim Davis, Director, Louisiana Center for the Book


  • 4th of July celebration in relation to Lincoln and Gettysburg and Vicksburg



  • [Madden moves to N. C., but continues work on Lincoln and Civil War Sesquicentennial
  • 27th: Carl Sandburg and Lincoln at Sandburg House in N. C., with Louisiana Lincoln Commission participation


  • Louisiana Book Festival
  • Panel of Lincoln scholars on Lincoln in general


  • Lincoln at Gettysburg


  • Grand event that includes many of the people and programs of the previous 24 months.